The key to the design process is communication. Ensuring that the ideas in one persons head can be extracted and visualised by others.

We use a number of technologies for this communication. From the use of briefing materials to the use of CAD software that allows you to explore your Virtual Building in real time, all of the tools we use are selected to inform and to assist the design process.

We use ArchiCAD software as our principal design and documentation platform. As a world leader in Building Information Modelling (BIM), this tool allows us to integrate all of the design and technical aspects into one co-ordinated model.

We have been recognised as leaders in the use of IFC file transfer systems. This allows us to transfer 3D building data to external consultants, even if they are using different software platforms. Collaboration is made easier and the potential for errors are reduced.

The systems we have developed and the technology we employ allows us to work remotely from the project location (nationally and internationally), while still maintaining the collaborative relationships required and the project control needed.