First Principle Approach

Creating the best solutions for you is made possible because we take a "First Principles" approach, where we need to.

This approach can include, examining the assumptions that have been made so far, testing and measuring the logic of options taken or decisions made, designing technical details to suit specific applications.

This is especially valuable where you need to resolve complex problems, or have a demanding environment.

The best way to illustrate this in action is to provide actual examples.

  • Master Planning for various Crown Research Institutes - to resolve complex briefs, multiple users and seemingly conflicting requirements.
  • Department of Conservation - Designing backcountry huts and providing technical detail to ensure they can withstand the significant forces generated by snow and wind loads in alpine areas.
  • Antarctica New Zealand - Providing detailed research and design for new building work at Scott Base.
  • Leaky Buildings - Investigating the causes of leaks in a variety of buildings and providing solutions to ensure the long term weathertightness of the building.

In this way, we are able to resolve any issue that your project may present.